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Plummet 4 percent? I don’t think so…

I caught this headline on Reuter’s today:

Retailers’ holiday sales plummet 4 percent

Now, I’m sure that a 4 percent drop in sales is painful for retailers in these tough economic times. But sales can’t “plummet” 4 percent. Dip, drop, fall, slump, sure. But to plummet is “to drop sharply and abruptly” (Merriam-Webster), and 4 percent is just not that sharp a drop.

Translink, you’ve done it again

I’ve already admonished Translink once for not living up to the excellent punctuation standards set by the signage on the New York Subway.

But I simply couldn’t let this, from the “etiquette” section on their web site, go without comment.

Seats closest to the doors are designated for persons with disability and seniors, your courtesy in offering these seats to others is appreciated.

Aside from the fact that the phrasing makes it sound like the seats are for persons with disability and persons with seniors, that’s one nasty comma splice. Two sentences joined together like that require a semi-colon; a comma simply won’t do.

Using online articles and press releases to boost your web site’s search engine ranking

I posted a new page today with some tips for anyone who wants to increase traffic to their web site without an expensive and confusing “search engine optimization package” and without any black magic.