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For Ensemble Travel: 10 European Rivers to Explore by Ship

Europe’s rivers are the arteries of the continent, connecting great cities with charming small villages. Whether following ancient trade routes or sailing past stone castles with a glass of wine in hand, each river offers a unique perspective on European travel. Here’s everything you need to know about 10 of the most popular European rivers for cruising…

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For Ensemble Travel: Customize Your European River Cruise with a Themed Itinerary

European river cruising offers something for all travelers, from wine lovers to history buffs to hiking fans. To get a river cruising experience customized to your personal interests, consider a themed itinerary. You’ll meet like-minded cruisers while traveling in your own personal style.

For Flower Fanatics: Tulip Cruises

Each spring, Belgium and the Netherlands erupt in a sea of color as the tulips come into bloom. From the seven million flowers at the Keukenhof Gardens to the one million bulbs at Floralia Brussels to the vast swaths of blooms in the Dutch countryside, tulips can be found in abundance…

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For Ensemble Travel: Learn How Locals Live by Visiting Amsterdam Homes that are Now Museums

There’s no better way to understand a destination than to see how locals live. From exploring cozy houseboats to touring grand canal homes, here’s how to get an inside look at life in the Dutch capital.

Museum Van Loon

Built in 1672, this grand canal house was the former home of the Van Loon family. The Van Loons were well connected in Dutch society: Willem van Loon was a co-founder of the Dutch East India Company, and later generations included Amsterdam mayors, bankers and ladies in the queen’s court…

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For Hootsuite: Social Media Compliance: Everything You Need to Know to Stay Compliant

Social media compliance: Three words that can strike fear into the heart of any marketer in the regulated industries. At its most basic, social media compliance simply means following the rules when using social media to engage with the public.

But the truth is that social media compliance is hardly ever that simple. The rules are a complicated mix of industry regulations and federal, state, and local laws. Marketers using social media for regulated industries need to understand their compliance obligations. They need to work within the rules to use social media as an effective and appropriate marketing tool…

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For The Vancouver Courier: Monkeys and Mangoes in Sri Lanka



As I walk under the mango tree at my hotel in Wellawaya, Sri Lanka, I hear a loud rustling. Looking up, I see a long tail.

“That’s the naughtiest monkey,” says a passing hotel employee, looking ruefully into the branches. He says the monkey takes the fruits before they’re ripe, eating just a bite or two before throwing the hard green lumps on the ground in disgust. “We never get to eat the mangoes.”

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For G Adventures: 20 Superlatives for the 20-Year Sisterhood between Whistler and Karuizawa

Karuizawa, Japan, and Whistler, Canada, will mark 20 years as sister cities in 2019. To celebrate, we’ve compiled 20 superlatives to highlight the bonds between these charming mountain towns.

1. Best Olympic experience

Karuizawa, located an hour by train from Tokyo, hosted the debut Olympic curling competition for the Nagano 1998 Winter Games, while Whistler hosted Olympic sliding and skiing events for Vancouver 2010.

Visitors can ride the world’s fastest ice track at Whistler Sliding Centre, home of the 2010 bobsled, luge, and skeleton competitions, or learn to curl like an Olympian with a lesson at Karuizawa Ice Park.

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