In headlines, line breaks matter

When I saw this ad, my first reaction was to wonder what was so incomparable about the senior in the picture. He doesn’t look all that exciting! Then I realized I’d been led astray by the line break. The ad isn’t about an incomparable senior who’s living in Pennsylvania. It’s about incomparable senior living in Pennsylvania. Watch those line breaks!


New article for Herbal Supplements and Prescription Drugs – Interactions to Watch Out For

( You probably know that before filling a prescription, you should make sure your doctor and pharmacist know about all the other medications you’re taking to avoid potential interactions that can change how your medications work. But did you know that it’s equally important to consider the potential interactions between your medications and herbal supplements?…

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Ageless Living Magazine September issue


September marks my first issue as editor of Ageless Living Magazine, and I have to say it’s a heck of an issue!

It’s available now in select pharmacies, gyms, and other locations in Vancouver, Victoria, Penticton, Winfield, and Regina. You can read many of this issue’s great stories at, including my profile of Kevin Campbell, the first person ever to complete the Tough Mudder while on dialysis.

New article for How to Harvest and Store Winter Squash

squash( It may seem way too early to start thinking about anything to do with winter, but when it comes to your garden, the end of summer marks the beginning of winter activities, from planning for your winter garden to harvesting your winter squash. Like their summertime cousin, zucchini, winter squash plants can be prolific. To make the most of your winter squash harvest, you’ll need to store the squash properly…

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New article for A Healthy Trip Through the Paris Markets

Paris market olives( Ah, Paris. The City of Lights – and croissants. And macarons. And cheese. Paris is well known as a foodie destination, but with so many wonderful foods to try, it can be tempting to overindulge. One great way to sample a number of French treats without going overboard (or blowing your budget) is to eat your way through the city’s many markets. Some markets have food stalls where you can enjoy your meal at a table. At others, you can gather supplies for a picnic-style lunch. If you’ve rented an apartment  in Paris, you can shop the markets for a meal you’ll cook there. No matter what you choose to eat, you’ll be experiencing a little slice of local Paris life while eating some fantastic French food that’s easy on your wallet…

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Why spell check is not the answer to all your problems…

I can only imagine it was some strange combination of a typo, spell check making some wonky suggestions, and a proofreader who didn’t read the story that led a Globe and Mail story about a totem pole to bear the headline “Deciphering a postal code.” That’s the danger of spell check. Sure, those are all real words, but they are absolutely not the right ones here!

Here’s the headline in context:

 Headline: Deciphernig a postal code

And here’s the story online, with a much more logical headline, borrowed from the print story’s subhead. Unfortunately, the online headline – Southern Haida Gwaii will see the first carved pole raised in more than a century – is also incorrect. The writer says this on Twitter:




New article for How to Make Great Edible Gifts From Your Garden’s Bounty

( As summer reaches its peak, home gardens go into overdrive. If your garden produces more than you can use, there are many ways of preserving your harvest for later in the year. But your garden’s bounty can also be transformed into lovely edible gifts to share with friends and family. Homemade gifts may take a little more time and effort than just picking something up at the store – but they are an excellent way of showing your loved ones that you really care, and can save you quite a lot of money, too…

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New article for Top Local, Natural Foodie Tours in New York City

( New York City. It’s a foodie paradise, and both top-notch restaurants and foodie tours abound. In the heart of a massive city, surrounded by concrete and steel, is it possible to connect with the land and find opportunities to explore local, natural foods? We found the answer is yes!

Odds are, you’ll eat more than a few memorable meals on any visit to NYC…

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New article for Catch 122 – A hip nouveau-French bistro/bar in Vancouver’s trendy Gastown

Who’d have guessed that Catch 122 Cafe and Bistro has been open in one of Vancouver‘s trendiest neighborhoods for over a year? They’ve been building a steady clientele of lunch regulars who work in the neighborhood, but have remained decidedly under the radar in a town that’s always keen to hear about the next big thing.

Last night they smashed that under-the-radar persona with a “1.22 anniversary party” (they’ve been open about 1.22 years) that brought the house down with rave reviews for everything from the heritage-style room to the house-cured meats to the custom cocktails. For the meat-lovers in the mix, it was clear that Catch 122 has taken simple-sounding sandwiches and other meat-first dishes to the next level by curing and smoking their own meat…

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