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Hard-copy vs. electronic editing

Here’s link to an interesting blog post from the folks at 37signals about hard-copy markup using copy editor’s marks vs. electronic editing using track changes in Word. The post and most of the comments lean towards hard-copy editing being superior. My experience is that electronic editing is far simpler, faster, and easier for authors to understand, especially when there are lots of changes (in which case a marked-up hard copy can become extremely unwieldy). I do recommend a hard-copy final proof if time allows, but for substantive and copy editing, my view is that track changes is the way to go.

How to help journalists give you free publicity

For small businesses — in fact, even for large ones — free publicity can be a golden ticket to name recognition, increased web site traffic, and more sales. But to get it, you have to make nice with journalists.

Take a look at this article from Jakob Nielsen that’s packed with really great tips on how to make the most of your web sites’s PR area. Don’t have a PR area? Read the article to find out why you should.