My favorite quote of 2008

The semicolon is correct, though I’d have used a colon, which I think would be a bit more sophisticated in that sentence.

This is what Allan M. Siegal, former standards editor at The New York Times had to say about a New York subway sign that drew attention for its use of the ever-confusing semicolon.

The sign (instructing riders not to leave their newspapers littering the subway) read:

“Please put it in a trash can; that’s good news for everyone.”

I love that I’m not the only one in this big world that gets so excited about a simple piece of punctuation.

Time to start a blog…

Here’s the traditional “my first post” post. As I get used to this blogging thing, the content will get more exciting, I promise.

For now, I’ll just recommend my favorite site for copy editors: The Slot, created by Bill Walsh (author of such excellent reads as Lapsing Into a Comma and The Elephants of Style ). It’s brilliant, hilarious, and — if you’re a word geek like me — sometimes controversial. Enjoy!

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