Why work with me?

Here’s what some of my editors and clients have to say.

“One of the best writer/editors you will ever work with”

Christina is one the best writer/editors you will ever work with. I mean it. I’ve assigned her 100+ pieces of content over the years and her work consistently exceeds expectations on all fronts: pageviews, lead generation, and search rank. She’s also an expert researcher and can dive deep on seemingly any topic –under tight deadlines, too. If you’re looking to build an audience, drive leads, and/or establish your brand as a thought leader, I can’t recommend Christina enough. And yes indeed, she’s also a great communicator and easy to work with.

– Michael Aynsley, Manager, Inbound Marketing, Hootsuite

“Does a great job of producing results-driven content on a deadline”

Not only is Christina a talented writer, she’s a skilled researcher who’s adept at tackling new topics. She also understands and effectively executes the principles of SEO in her work, taking a group of keywords and forming them into a cohesive and comprehensive piece of content. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christina in several of my roles at different organizations and she never fails to deliver excellent work, no matter the subject. She does a great job of producing results-driven content on a deadline. In particular, one of the blog posts she produced for us at Vidyard went on to drive the most content asset downloads of any piece in the series. She’s easy to work with and I can’t recommend her enough.

– Kendall Walters, Content Marketing Manager, Vidyard

“Unreservedly recommend her… for a minor editing job or an entire book”

Recently I found myself with an editorial crisis: I needed to get ready for publication a large quantity of highly technical academic articles, all written by non-English speakers. However, I had no editor available, and the publication date was looming. I turned to Christina, and she was a life saver. She did an outstanding job on the editing and the formatting, getting some very rough material ready for publication in record time. Moreover, she told me she would get it done on time, and she made good on her promise. Throughout, she communicated with me clearly and proactively at every turn, so that I could relax, knowing that the articles were in professional, competent hands, and would all be done on time. Thanks to her, the entire job was ready when I needed it, and was a credit to our organization. I would hire her again in a heartbeat, and unreservedly recommend her to anyone who needs things done right and on time – whether it is a minor editing job or an entire book, as in this situation.

– Joe Goodwill

“Talented collaborator”

“It is a real privilege to be able to count on such talented collaborators, whose work is recognized through prestigious competitions such as the TMAC Awards.”
– Anne-Marie Santos, Vice President of Publishing, Media, Marketing & Development, LogiMonde Media

“Excellent quality edits”

Christina consistently delivers excellent quality edits. She has an uncanny knack of making the right amount of changes to an edit to improve readability while retaining the author’s original style and voice.

– Editage by Cactus, Business and Finance Team

“One of the best editorials written about us – out of 200+!”

Blo has had the honour of being featured in over 200 editorials including National magazines and papers. The article that Christina did on Blo (and me!) for Small Business BC was one of the best editorials written about us. Christina got all the facts correct and really got the essence of the brand and the culture – all in a 10 minute phone interview.

– Judy Brooks, Co-Founder + President/CEO, Blo Blow Dry Bar

“No one better!”

There is no one better to give a complex project with a tight deadline to than Christina. She has proven her ability to ‘get stuff done’ over and over again. Her attention to detail is fantastic and she cares about the work she does. She also sees the big picture and keeps things in context.

– Mitch Tarr

“Reliable, professional, and talented”

Christina has always delivered superlative results, and often on a tight deadline. Once we detailed the nature and scope of the writing to her, the stories she delivered were close to flawless. If everyone were as easy to work with (and reliable, professional and talented) as Christina, life would be pleasant indeed.

– Victor Chew Wong, Publisher, Make It Business Magazine

“Intelligence, focus, and grace under pressure”

You will add intelligence, focus, and grace under pressure, along with versatile writing and editing abilities, when you add Christina to your roster.

– Bob Hodder

“Can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Christina isn’t just an outstanding writer and editor — she’s also a great strategic thinker. She’s one of those rare writers who knows how to wield language as a tool for achieving strategic objectives — to inspire, to sell, to educate, to entertain. She’s dependable, she gets results, she writes brilliantly, and she’s just fun to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

– Curtis Foreman

“Undoubtedly an asset”

Christina is detail oriented yet also able to see the big picture from a business perspective. With her help, HealthCastle.com has put out high quality news releases that have been picked up by various news media. With a courteous and professional attitude, Christina is undoubtedly an asset to any marketing or PR initiative.

– Ian Lee, Director of Marketing and Advertising, Healthcastle.com

“I trust her completely”

Christina is lovely to work with … I trust her completely and recommend her very highly.

– Mary Robson

“Oh my!”

Oh my, what an improvement!

– Jennifer Blome, VP Marketing, Livecast

“Dramatically improved the quality of my web copy”

I hired Christina to help me write and edit copy for my website  I generally think of myself as a decent writer, but Christin  dramatically improved the quality of my web copy and white paper  She added tremendous new content, punched up what I wrote, and made sure it all read correctly  I intend on hiring Christina again and recommend her to all of my colleagues.

– Chilwin Cheng, Legal Process Solutions

“Provided confidence”

Thank you for your quick response getting my edited letter back t me. The work you provided will provide me with the confidence I need to send it out.

– Janet Wallick, RBC Mobile Mortgage Specialist

“Wonderful project leader”

Christina was a wonderful project leader, and I am still amazed at how she manages to keep all the course specific details straight.

– Rita Nienaber, Copyright Permissions Specialist

“A genius for organization and planning”

Christina has a genius for organization and planning, plus a knack for getting her team to fulfil their deadlines. As a bonus, she knows print and online publishing thoroughly, from editing through production.

– Elizabeth Wilson

A freelance travel & lifestyle writer/editor